Where To Find Us:

Hawk Point Fire Protection District

343 W. Lincoln Street
Hawk Point, MO 63349


Phone: (636) 338-4336

Fax:     (636) 338-4477

Email: info@hawkpointfire.org

Want to Become a Member?

For more information on becomming a Firefighter, use our contact form or download our registration form directly. We look forward to hearing from you!


For more information on becomming a member of the Hawk Point Firemans Community Outreach you can join there meeting held a Station 1 343 West Lincoln Street the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm


Board meeting are held at Station 1 located at 343 West Lincoln Street Hawk Point. On the first Tuesday of every month at 6 pm.


The ISO rating for the Hawk Point Fire Protection District has recently changed.  Any property within 1000 feet of a hydrant is 6 , and property within 5 road miles of either station but not within 1000 feet of a hydrant is a 6 x (9). Any property over 5 road miles is a 10 (10w)

PROP C S (Community Safety)

The voters of the Hawk Point Fire District voted in 2001 to set a Tax base of 25 cent per $100.00 assess evaluation to fund your fire protection. That was 19 years ago. Today,(2020) we operate 2 fire stations, 2 fire trucks, 2 water tankers, 2 brush units, & 1 brush UTV. This equipment and stations require on going maintenance, fuel, water, electric, sewer, and general care. The fire truck at station 1 (in Hawk Point) is 31Years old, the water tanker at station 1 is 34 years old. The fire truck at station 2 is 15 Years old, and the water tanker at station 2 is 44 Years old. The life safety equipment (known as the "Jaws of Life"), that is carried on each fire truck is aging as well, approx 20 years old. The Hawk Point Fire District operate on approximately $117000 per year. Your 100% unpaid VOLUNTEER firefighters cover 140 square miles using this equipment. Responding to car wrecks, medical calls ( heart attacks, overdoses, sick cases, etc.), house fires, commercial fires, general calls for help. On November 3, the Fire District is asking for a 14 cent tax to upgrade the very aging fire trucks, water tankers and rescue equipment needed to maintain a level of safety for those we serve. This 14 cent is base on per $100 of assessed evaluation of the property. This is broke down into 3 tax rates : 32 % for businesses, 19% for residential, and 12 % for agriculture. CALCULATIONS IS FIGURED AS FOLLOWED; $50,000 house X19% is 9500 divide by 100 X .14 =$13.30 increase per YEAR, A  $100,000 house X 19 % is 19000 divide by100 is 190 X .14 =$26.60 per year. The plan for the .14 tax is set to replace an aging fire truck very 5 years, starting with the oldest and most Unreliable to be replaced first along with rescue equipment. Please take a minute and view this equipment under the pumper and tankers tab.


This tax is called " PROP C S , ( Community Safety). Please help US  help YOU